Throwback Thursday


Today’s Throwback Thursday is an image I shot with Lee Aaron Williams in Guildford, Surrey. A few days prior we had shot a few images in the same location, one which we loved – so we decided to return and take full advantage of the light and location – and this is one of the results.


Model of the Week #16 – Jordan Powell

Jordan Powell

Nationality: British
City: Camberley, Surrey
Height: 6ft
Chest: 36 in
Waist: 30 in
Shoe: 10 UK
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green

IMG_7577-webEighteen year old Jordan is an aspiring footballer from Camberley in Surrey. He was suggested to me to photograph by one of my social media contacts – I messaged him, and although he’d never modelled before, he was certainly up to the challenge. Due to some technical challenges we actually did the shoot twice – which turned out to be a blessing in disguise – as we got some great lighting and some new shots that were not thought of the previous time.

It took a while to choose a suitable location for the shoot, and Jordan suggested a small park close to the town centre. It turned out to be a great choice, as we discovered a neglected and abandoned tower at the top of a hill close by. Upon doing some research I discovered that it is locally known as Camberley’s Obelisk although it’s actually a tower. It was built around 1770 by merchant John Norris, but the reason for the tower is not clear. About 30ft of it’s original 100ft is still intact, and although an internal staircase has been removed, iron gates close it from entry. On our visit, we found one of the gates open, which allowed us some great shots inside the tower.

Originally I thought to shoot in black and white, and asked Jordan to bring clothing of those colours. As well as this, he brought along a few other items, which worked equally well as you can see in the images below.



10 Random Questions with Jordan….

IMG_7553-webI had Jordan choose 10 random questions from a list. Make sure to carry mistletoe in your pocket… and be cute about it!

Life in Living Color: What’s skills do you have?
Jordan Powell: Football. I’m hopefully going to America soon on a scholarship.

LiLC: What’s your worst feature?
JP: My eye colour… I wish I had blue eyes.

LiLC: Tell us about your first date.
JP: We went to see American Pie, and got the last seats. They were at the front, and it was a bit awkward during the sex scene!

LiLC: What’s under your bed?
JP: Nothing. But it’s so comfy having a king size bed with memory foam mattress to myself.

LiLC: What’s the first thing you notice about a girl?
JP: When they first meet me – if they’re confident… or all shy, which is cute.

LiLC: Have you ever been to hospital?
JP: I’ve had a number of operations, including a hernia and stitches to my head.

LiLC: If you were born a girl what would your name have been?
JP: Chelsea.

LiLC: What’s your favourite Disney movie?
JP: Toy Story and Monsters, Inc. are both so sick!

LiLC: If you could relive one moment in your life, and not change a thing about it, what would it be?
JP: Too many to pick from, but one would be saying yes for going to trials with Reading or Fulham when asked..

LiLC: Do you have any superstitions?
JP: Refusing a kiss under the mistletoe causes bad luck ;)


Enjoy the images below, and if you have any more questions for Jordan, then e-mail with “Jordan Powell” as the subject header.


Travel on a Tuesday – Arizona

IMG_1754-webIn late 2012, my friend Bryan and I did a road trip from Anaheim, California to Salt Lake City, Utah. We decided on the scenic route, and on the way took in the shortest leisure Las Vegas trip possible, and drove through the stunning scenery of Arizona. Several friends from that area of the country were a little confused as to why I’d want to travel through the desert – but the scenery is beautiful and the state is home to a number of protected national parks and reserves.

The highlights of Arizona were the Glen Canyon Dam, and entering Monument Valley from the Arizona side. For someone who has a mortal fear of anything higher than a two storey building, Glen Canyon dam was equally amazing and terrifying.It’s over 700 ft high and took more than 10 years to complete.

Monument Valley is instantly recognisable from any number of Western movies, especially those directed by John Ford, for whom the area was a favourite spot. Over the years it has played host to Stagecoach, Back to the Future, Forrest Gump and even Doctor Who.




Man Crush Monday – Trent Owers


Trent is an accomplished stage and screen actor, both here in the UK and his native Australia. He’s truly a triple threat performer, having covered many lead musical roles in shows such as Hairspray, Guys and Dolls, Seussical and La Cage Aux Folles. Screen roles include Rush, Spirit Al Phantoma and Exorcist Chronicles. He’s also been seen on the small screen on ITV and MTV.

No stranger to music videos, Trent can be seen in several, most recently “Obsession” by Tich, shot in London. I got to know Trent through his modelling and Twitter profile. He’s done some amazing photoshoots, and I was happy to be able to include him in a couple of my own! The images here are from our first shoot together, however he features in my 2014 calendar, along with his husband Luke.

Trent’s always had a great rapport with his fans and followers, leading to some great projects and his own popular YouTube channel.







Joel R

Week Roundup

Joel R

Joel R

It’s been quite the busy week this week, I’ve managed to get lots of editing done, and also some great shoots. On Friday I went up to London to shoot with Cameron and David – both great guys, Cameron British and David American. There’s a few shots we didn’t manage to get, so I’ll be heading back to finish the shoot with them soon. My good friend George shot some great new photos together – you’ll have to check out my Instagram to see our little Glee homage.

One thing I enjoy about photography, is that it gets you out and about and you’re never sure where the next shoot will take you. Another shoot this week was with fitness competitor Joel, as he wanted some new promotional photographs, both for himself and his sponsor. The featured image is one of my favourites from our shoot.

This has been the first week where I’ve put up a new feature or post every day, and it’s brought my website views up by over 25%, and my Facebook views up by 92%! As well as this, my Instagram account has been more popular, with different features allowing more involvement. My favourite of these new features was my Follower Friday – where I choose eight photos from my Instagram followers each Friday to feature on all my social media counts. Not only do I love having everybody involved, but it also has been boosting everybody’s follower counts! If you want to get involved, simply hashtag your favourite photo #LifeLivingColor, remembering the American spelling of color.

I hope you all enjoyed the images of Sam Shields, my last Model of the Week. Make sure to check in this Wednesday for a creative Model of the Week set with Jordan – I’ll be previewing some of the images on Snapchat over the next couple of days before the feature goes live on Wednesday. This week is set to be one of my busiest with shoots with performers, fashion models and social media popular guys.


Below is a list of the regular weekly features so you’ll always know what’s going on!

Monday – Man Crush Monday: a new or previous hot model
Tuesday – Travel on a Tuesday: some of my travel photography from around the world
Wednesday – Model of the Week: your chance to vote your favourites
Thursday – Throwback Thursday: one of my favourite past images
Friday – Follower Friday: your chance to be featured on my website and social media
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Sunday – Week roundup: find out what’s new, and what’s coming up!


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Follower Fridays

Welcome to the first of many “Follower Fridays”. This new feature focuses on my great Instagram followers, and everyone can get involved. Simply follow @LifeLivingColor on Instagram, and tag your favourite photo #LifeLivingColor. I’ll choose eight photos every week to feature here, and also give a special shout out on Instagram!


The first call for Follower Fridays went out last night, and I had a great many responses – and difficult to choose only eight. Keep tagging though, as you may be featured next week! Here’s this week’s Instagram followers, make sure to follow them and me!


Throwback Thursday – Zak


Every Thursday, my aim is to post a favourite image from a previous shoot. Today I’m featuring Zak from a shoot in Stratford, just outside London’s Olympic Stadium, which has recently been given new life as Queen Elizabeth Park.


Model of the Week #15 – Sam Shields

Sam Shields

Nationality: British
City: Henley-on-Thames
Height: 5’9
Chest: 44
Waist: 32
Shoe: 10
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Green/Blue/Grey

IMG_6973-webSam is an aspiring fitness model who spends his time between his home in Berkshire, and France. Although Sam modelled professionally as a child, this was his first fitness based shoot, and he trained hard for it. During the weeks leading up he kept me abreast of his progress and we decided to go for simple backgrounds that had his body command attention of the photographs. Sam has a great look, and it’s easy to see why his Instagram account has gathered over ten thousand followers.

We arranged to shoot in Reading, as I had spotted a few extra locations while there before – and then headed over to the side of the river for a few new shots. Also along for the ride were Sam’s close friends Alex Collis and Chris Baxter. As you’ll see, I have done several shoots with Chris so it was great to reconnect. Often it can be distracting for a new model to have several friends along, however they were supportive and fun and really helped out. Sam himself was comfortable and gained a lot of interest from passers by during the shoot.

As well as being a full time student and concentrating on his career, Sam hopes his fitness modelling will go from strength to strength – so watch this face, as I’m sure you’ll be seeing it again!



10 Random Questions with Sam….

I had Sam choose 10 random questions from a list. If he takes you out, let him choose the movie.

IMG_6884_webLife in Living Color: What’s your favourite vacation destination?
Sam Shields: Thailand.

LiLC: What’s your favourite Disney movie?
SS: Toy Story

LiLC: What’s been your worst date ever?
SS: I took my first girlfriend to see Twilight. The movie was horrible, and she ended up liking one of the characters more than she liked me.

LiLC: What got you into modelling?
SS: I was a baby model and thought I would keep going!

LiLC: What car do you drive?
SS: My car in France is a 1980′s Jeep Wrangler

LiLC: If you could be on TV what show would you be on?
SS: Some sort of reality show.

LiLC: What gigs or concerts have you been to?
SS: 50 Cent and Nicky Romero.

LiLC: What languages can you speak?
SS: English, French and a bit of Spanish.

LiLC: Do you collect anything?
SS: No but I’d love to collect shoes.

LiLC: What’s your best chat up line?
SS: ”Are you from Jamaica? Because Jamaican me crazy!”


Enjoy the images below, and if you have any more questions for Sam, then e-mail with “Sam Shields” as the subject header.


Travel on a Tuesday: Antigua

This brand new section of my website will show off some of the amazing places I’ve been lucky enough to visit on various trips around the world. Sometimes they’ll be listed by country, sometimes by city and sometimes by state or province.


antiguatitleFirstly, one of my favourite islands in the Caribbean – Antigua. This beautiful island paradise is part of the West Indies, and I feel privileged to have visited there twice towards the end of 2006. This was the first trip that really showed me that I had an eye for photography. I’ve chosen four of my favourite images to feature in the gallery. A good friend and I took a taxi ride to see some of the sights, and soon forgot to listen to the driver’s narration as we were caught up in the beauty of the location.

Firstly, the title image. Looking out over the calm water, you can see the mountain range known as the Sleeping Indian. If you look carefully you can make out the visible shape of a sleeping figure.

I was fortunate enough to visit on a day that threatened heavy rain, but stayed dry throughout. The cannon and beach images were lucky shots. As we drove past a secluded beach, I asked the taxi driver to stop so I could get a few photographs. He was in a hurry, seeing the approaching clouds, but I managed to get some of my favourite travel images.

The final shot was looking down across the port at St John’s, just as night started to settle over the island. None of these images have been altered or retouched, and each show off the stunning natural scenery.



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