Model of the Week – Callum Aylott

Callum Aylott

IMG_0719-web Nationality: British
 County: Hertfordshire
 Height: 6ft
 Waist: 32 in
Chest: 38 in
 Shoe: 9
 Hair: Auburn
 Eyes: Brown


Callum is no stranger to the camera and has an extensive modelling portfolio behind him. He is also a talented performer and trained at The Urdang Academy in London. With his striking looks and versatality, Callum has already picked up a social media following, particularly via Instagram and Tumblr. He is currently represented by Grantham Hazeldine and W Athletic.


Before the shoot happened, I had been talking to him about shooting but never able to commit to a date that suited us both. On this occasion, I was shooting with Sam Reynolds for my 2015 calendar and the idea came up to shoot them both together, and also separately for the calendar. Several days before I had been introduced to a beautiful lakeside area in Surrey and noted that it would make a beautiful shoot location. Although the day was not warm, fortunately it was sunny and we were able to get a number of great shots that you can see below.

Callum’s Gallery




Tuesday’s Top Ten: Ten More Models I’d Love To Work With

My last “Top Ten Models I’d Love To Work With” post proved very popular – and I definitely struggled with the list, simply because there were far too many! Here are ten more guys that I would love the opportunity to work with… so if you’re one of them and happen to read this…! As before, no particular order to the list.



1. Ben Jacobsen

Ben is currently a designer in London, and has modelled for several high profile publications and photographers.

2. Didier Cohen

Didier is an American model/DJ and also a successful Australian media personality, appearing in Celebrity Apprentice and as a judge for Australia’s Next Top Model.

3. George Shelley

21 year old George is a singer and currently in the band Union J, after appearing on the X Factor.

4. Igor Kolomiyets

Igor, from Ukraine, has had a varied modelling career, and has worked with some of the top photographers. He is with ONE Management, NYC.

5. Bryant Wood

I’ve recently been talking to Bryant about a possible shoot in the not-too-distant future. He’s an American self-represented model, who’s travelled the world for various shoots.

6/7. Jack & Finn Harries

Jack and Finn are British twins who took the YouTube world by storm, and are two of the most subscribed YouTubers. They own their own company, and recently travelled to India on the Rickshaw Run.

8. Garrett Clayton

Garrett Clayton is well known for his role in the campy Disney TV movie, Teen Beach. He’s currently working on the sequel.

9. David Bertozzi

David Bertozzi is a model represented by NEXT Canada. He’s popular for a lot of “outside-the-box” work.

10. Brandon Cole Bailey

Brandon is a model from Florida, now working out of New York. He is represented by several agencies worldwide, and is known for his well defined, flawless, photographic style where you can customise your own hoodie.



Tuesday’s Top Ten: People I’d Love To Work With

Welcome to the second installment of Tuesday’s Top Ten! Today I’d like to share with you my Top Ten People I’d Love To Work With. Now, please note they are not in any particular order, and if any of the great guys featured here happens to see this… please don’t hesitate to drop me a message!


1. Francisco Lachowski
Francisco, sometimes known as Chico, has had a highly successful modelling career and recently became a father. He is highly sought out for advertising and gallery exhibitions. Born in Brazil, he launched his career after winning Brazil’s Supermodel of the Year contest.

2. Diego Barrueco
Diego is a highly popular model based in London. He is represented by agencies all over the world including the UK, USA, Spain and Italy. His Instagram account currently has almost 200,000 followers, and he runs an interactive Tumblr account.

3. Justin Barnhill
Justin is from North Carolina in the USA, and has done print work for many of the most famous and exclusive brands in the world. He was featured in HERO magazine alongside Colton Haynes and is represented by agencies worldwide.

4. Zac Efron
Although he had roles in several TV shows, it wasn’t until High School Musical that ZEfron appeared on the worldwide radar. He’s one of the few Disney Channel stars to have successfully made the leap from teen heartthrob to legitimate movie star. He’s shown his versatility through movies ranging from Hairspray to Bad Neighbors to The Paperboy. I have to say though, sitting through the latter movie was quite distressing!

5. Thaddeus Nelson
Thaddeus hails from Utah, just outside Salt Lake City. Before I got into portrait photography seriously, I had the pleasure of being work colleagues with him, although we never did have the chance to shoot. One day in the not too distant future, I will make that happen!

6. River Viiperi
River really began his modelling career at the age of 19, and comes from the party capital of Ibiza in Spain. He runs several very popular social media accounts and this year launched his own clothing brand. Sadly the shipping costs to the UK almost match the reasonable merchandise costs – but on my next trip stateside you’ll definitely be seeing some of his range featured in my work!

7. Colton Haynes
From Wichita, Kansas, Colton began modelling for A&F when he was just fifteen. He sprung to popularity appearing in the TV show Teen Wolf, and went on to play a major role in Arrow. After starring in several music videos, Colton released a few music tracks. This year he participated in A&F’s Search for a Star campaign.

8. Harry Goodwins
From London, Harry is represented by some of the world’s top agencies, and is currently in Top 50 list. He’s done many editorials and covers, and continues to appear in fashion shows worldwide.

9. Tom Daley
Since representing Great Britain in the 2008 Summer Olympics, diver Tom has been constantly in the nation’s public eye. He went on to win a bronze medal in London’s 2012 Summer Olympics and became the star of a reality celebrity diving show.

10. The Rosas Twins
This is where my Top Ten technically becomes a Top Eleven! The Rosas Twins are currently represented by RED New York and are from Barcelona, where they are extremely popular and have built a large fan base through social media. I’ve had the pleasure of discussing a future shoot with them, and while plans are currently on hold – watch this space!


Model of the Week – Myles Leask

Myles Leask

IMG_6409-webNationality: British
City: London
Height: 6ft2
Chest: 44in
Waist: 30in
Shoe: 9
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

About a year ago, I was chatting to Myles about a possible shoot but nothing really came of it. Flash forward and I get a message out the blue to see if I was still interested – of course I was, and we set up a casual shoot a few weeks later at the docks in Greenwich.

Myles is a full-time professional fitness model based in London. He has been lucky enough to work with photographers from all over the world, and frequently flies to and from the USA for various projects. His current sponsors include  NRGFUEL Sports Nutrition, GSN Nutrition, Fit Food Co and Beyond Genetics – and he works with different agents for different aspects of his career. While a lot of models go in for bulking and shredding seasons, Myles claims to get great GHRP-2 results and stays in shape year round.

The weather was perfect, although a little bright, and we got some great images around Greenwich. I had some basic ideas involving ripped clothing that we tried out. Myles was great to work with, being no stranger to the camera, he knew what would look good – and also took direction well.


20 Questions with Myles…

IMG_6463-webLife in Living Color: What do you do to prepare for a shoot?
ML: Absolutely nothing. If modelling is your full time job you always have to be ready, as sometimes I get as little as a few hours notice for a casting or a shoot.

LiLC: If you could relive one year of your life, which would it be and why?
ML: To be honest I wouldn’t want to relive anything. I am all about the present and building for a better future. The past is the past as far as I am concerned.

LiLC: What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?
ML: The biggest risk I’ve taken is probably to leave a pretty successful career in recruitment to start modelling, as there are no guarantees and a lot of competition.

LiLC: What three things do you absolutely have to do every day?
ML: Gym, check e-mails and eat lots!

LiLC: What got you interested in modelling?
ML: I wasn’t particularly interested in it and never aspired to be a model. I was approached and it was something that just happened. Luckily it turned out quite well.

LiLC: What’s the scariest thing that’s ever happened to you?
ML: I can’t say anything scary has really happened to me. I kind of just take it as it comes and I’m rarely surprised by anything.

LiLC: What’s the last book or movie that really made you think?
ML: Reading Arnold Schwarzenegger’s biography Total Recall changed my whole outlook, and made me try to use every single hour of the day like he did.

LiLC: Who are your inspirations?
ML: I am inspired by those who believe in me and by the fact that I always want to do my mother proud. That’s right, I’m a mama’s boy through and through!

LiLC: What was the last website you looked at?
ML: Um… Facebook.

LiLC: Tell us something most people don’t know about you.
ML: I went to private school all my life and actually skipped a year.

LiLC: If you could spend a day with anyone in the world, who would it be, where would you go and what would you do?
ML: Arnold Schwarzenegger, we’d go to Gold’s Gym on Venice Beach and train!

LiLC: What countries have you visited, and which was your favourite?IMG_6373-web
ML: I’ve travelled pretty much everywhere except Asia, that’s definitely somewhere I want to see. Either America or Italy for very different reasons: America is awesome because of all the opportunity and scale of everything, but then Italy is so beautiful and full of culture and history.

LiLC: What was your most embarrassing moment?
ML: I did a catwalk before – there was a palm tree at the end and I wasn’t paying attention. I walked straight into it!

LiLC: Tell us about your first date.
ML: A gentleman never kisses and tells.

LiLC: Who was your first crush, and who is your current crush?
ML: I honestly don’t remember my first crush. And the current… none of your business 😉

LiLC: What are your favourite websites?
ML: I don’t really spend much time on the internet. I just use social media and possibly do a bit of clothes shopping.

LiLC: If you had three wishes, what would they be?
ML: 1 – To have the powers of Superman. 2 – For my family to have everything they want. I only need two so I’d give the third one away.

LiLC: If time froze for one hour for everyone except you, what would you do?
ML: I can’t possibly answer that! Let’s just say if anyone found out, I’d be in a lot of trouble!

LiLC: What songs are on your “Most Played” list?
ML: ACDC – Back in Black, that annoying Wild WIld West song that I can’t get out of my head, Sum 41

LiLC: What’s your first thought upon waking up?
ML: Cardio time! Lol

Check out the gallery below, and if you have any more questions for Myles, then e-mail with “Myles Leask” as the subject header.



New Edit

Mondays Revisited

IMG_2271-webThe set I’ve chosen to go back and look at this week is my shoot with fitness model, Patrick Chapman, who I was surprised to find lived at the other side of town to me. We met locally and did a shoot with Abercrombie as the basic theme and idea behind the shoot.

I liked this particular image and wanted to keep the edit nice and clean – without too much change from the original.

I slightly sharpened the whole image, and darkened the blacks and shadows. After tweaking the colours, I decided that I much preferred them without change, so set them back to the original, and just brushed away some of the red tones in the photograph. I used the dodge tool to brighten Patrick’s eyes and hair, and then sharpened those further to draw the viewers view to his eyes.

I found that some of the highlights on Patrick’s skin were still a little light, so using a colour from his skin tone, I added a layer and blended it in to give a more even tan. To complete the image, I simply did a little bit of clean up, and darkened some of the shadows to define his features.




The edit and original can be viewed below@



Throwback Thursday

The photo I’ve chosen for this week’s Throwback Thursday is one from December of fitness model Chris Baxter. Chris proved he was up for anything doing this shoot in the freezing cold! Since the shoot he has gone from strength to strength (literally) and amassed over 11,000 Instagram followers. I’ve photographed him a couple of times since the shoot, and each time he’s looking better and better.

His next project is his brand new YouTube channel, which gained several hundred views in its first few hours of being online. Head over to to check it out!



Model of the Week – Tom White

Tom White

IMG_9400-webNationality: British
City: Sheffield
Height: 6ft2
Chest: 44in
Waist: 32in
Shoe: 10
Hair: Blonde/Brown
Eyes: Blue

They say the best things come to those who wait, and it was quite a while before I managed to set up a shoot date with Tom, after chatting to him for several months. Different factors intervened, including my being short on time, and he wanting to get his body shoot ready. He travelled all the way down to London from Sheffield specifically for this shoot and I’m glad he made the trip.

We shot in one of my favourite locations in London. As it was Tom’s first shoot, we decided that it would be best to shoot somewhere less busy so we headed out to North Greenwich, just beyond the O2 Arena. I’d taken the precaution of checking the Thames tide times before we headed out. With the numerous boats and docks, the river has a real beach feel especially in the summer – not that I would suggest anyone try to bathe in its waters! We took advantage of the numerous old piers, chains and ropes surrounding the area and managed to get a great many shots.

For the editing, I tried several different styles and found that the theme of the shoot really worked well in black and white. Tom himself has a great Abercrombie style look about him, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see him adorning those famous shopping bags one day. Although it was his first shoot, Tom took to modelling like a natural and I would encourage any agency to sign him to their books quickly, as I’m sure there’ll be great things to come from him!

10 Random Questions with Tom…

I had Tom answer 10 random questions from a list, here are his answers!

IMG_9285-webLife in Living Color: What’s your favourite cologne or aftershave?
Tom White: I like many, but my favourite has to be Armani Code.

LiLC: What three things do you absolutely have to do every day?
TW: 1 – Go to the gym, 2 – have a morning shower, 3 – do my hair as I don’t like my bed head!

LiLC: What’s the biggest personal change you’ve ever made?
TW: My biggest personal change has to be my boost in confidence over the last year or so. This has come from changing the way I look by training.

LiLC: What’s the scariest thing that ever happened to you?
TW: I got stranded in Paris with no money, phone or passport.

LiLC: Name two things that are on your bucket list.
TW: To go stand-up surfing in Hawaii, and to drive a Harley Davidson across America.

LiLC: If you won a large amount of money, do you think it would make you happier?
TW: Of course it would, but money isn’t everything.

LiLC: What’s the most recent compliment you received?
TW: Somebody recently complimented my nipple piercing 😉

LiLC: What’s your favourite Disney movie?
TW: My favourite Disney movie is UP.

LiLC: If you were to write a book about your life, what would it be called?
TW: Me, Myself and I.

LiLC: What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?
TW: I cycled from London to Paris with two of my friends for charity in 2012. It took five days and we raised over £4,500 for the Teenage Cancer Trust.


Enjoy the images below, and if you have any more questions for Tom, then e-mail with “Tom White” as the subject header.


Week Roundup

IMG_2854-webHappy Sunday, and what great weather we’re having! It’s been a very productive week for me, and yesterday I took my first trip to Manchester. It was a big success, and I shot another image for my 2015 calendar, as well as photos for this week’s Model of the Week. I also briefly got to meet a future model, so hopefully I’ll get to take a trip back up there soon. I’m not sure if I’d do a day trip though, I’m still exhausted from it! Next time will definitely be an overnight.

My plan today was to get up early and head to Birmingham for the last day of BodyPower. Clearly that didn’t happen, but there’s always next year. Instead I went out and did a little bit of shopping for a very exciting shoot I have planned for this week. Keep an eye on my Snapchat for previews and behind the scenes shots – and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram if you don’t already.

The image featured here is one of my favourite shots of Kerim Hassan from W Athletic. In last week’s roundup, I mentioned that I had shot with him. The editing is now finished, and you can see some of the shots on my Facebook and Instagram. I’ve been receiving some great comments and praise recently through my social media channels that I’m really grateful for. It definitely is one of the key factors in keeping me motivated and challenging myself with new ideas and new models. I’ve been discussing some great ideas for the 2015 calendar, so it’s definitely one to watch out for. I’ll be sticking to three main ideas throughout, and while I haven’t announced the names yet, rest assured that some of your favourites will be included!

In other exciting news, the next issue of Vanity Hype is due for release very soon, and an image I shot with Andrew England will be gracing the front cover – look out for it VERY soon!


Week Roundup

0b91bbb658b1df022d92f69b4b2d1c98Hey guys, and welcome to my week roundup. It’s been one of my busiest weeks ever, and I’m hoping to get on top of all of this editing this week. I’m not generally a superstitious person – but I’m finding it bad luck to pre-announce who I’ll be shooting with, so I’ll be surprising everyone a lot more in the future. When I say bad luck, I find that when I make a shoot announcement there’s always a cancellation or delay of some sort. Here’s this week’s example: I’d just finished finalising details with a mode, and he put out a message on Twitter saying he’s excited to start shooting, so I retweeted it – an hour later, the shoot was postponed due to family and exam commitments. The next day I had a shoot with two models in London. I confirmed with both, and when I was on the train on the way up, I tweeted “Double shoot today in London!” Not 10 minutes later, one of the models messaged me letting me know he had been taken ill and would like to shoot the following week. Fortunately now he’s feeling better, and for the time being I’ll refrain from any special announcements. Don’t let it put you off shooting though, it happens for good too – a model I announced a few weeks ago cancelled last minute as he was offered a once in a lifetime chance to shoot for a top magazine.

I’m not one to sit and brood over missed opportunities like how to grow taller naturally course, so I wasted no time in finding quick replacements, and you’ll be seeing the results of these shoots very soon. I’m really excited about the images I’ve taken this week, and can’t wait to get the editing done. Tomorrow I’ll be completing the editing for last week’s hotel shoot, and a new magazine cover for Vanity Hype magazine. Recently I’ve been running some test shoots with some models from W Athletic, and this week I got to shoot with Kerim Hassan, one of their new faces. I also had great shoots with Joshua Martin, David Cobbald, Jay Rincon, Tony Mellis and Lewis Jordon. Told you I’ve been busy!

I’ve photographed Lewis before, quite a while ago, and interestingly enough we ended up shooting at a moments notice in exactly the same location as our previous shoot. Lewis is also a digital artist, and I had the idea to do a photography comparison. Usually I’m not a fan of others retouching my work but decided to try something different. Over a great meal in Greenwich, we selected a few images that we both loved from the shoot. We both then edited the exact same images independently, to see what our different takes would be on the same images. It was an interesting exercise, as you’ll see one of the images we got pretty similar, but the others we used quite different styles. Check out our work below. You can see more of Lewis on his YouTube channel: LewisJordonMedia.

You’ll see the Saturday Sale has been extended until tomorrow due to high demand. Get booking quickly as although I’ll be doing great offers in the future, it’s very unlikely that I’ll be repeating the offer at this price. At some point in the near future, I will be restructuring all my packages to remain current with modern demands. A one size fits all package no longer works in the social media age! Yesterday’s Saturday Sale was due to be an amazing giveaway, but I’ve decided now to hold that until next Saturday. I’m still not giving away the details until it’s announced – but make to sure to visit on Saturday morning!

Last but not least, I’ve started shooting the 2015 Calendar, and have completed three of the twelve shoots for it so far. I’ve confirmed eight fantastic models for it, but still haven’t made my final selections. If you have a favourite model that you’d like to see appear, or know someone suitable, use the contact box on the right to let me know!


£10 offer in my Saturday Sale!

10photoMy biggest sale yet!

Book your photoshoot today for only £10!* I have offered this special price to a select few clients, and have decided to open it up for a very limited time to anyone that wants to book. Portfolios can be very expensive, and this is down to a variety of factors including overheads, travel, editing time and expertise. I’m offering you the chance to tailor your own package, choose only the images you want, and will even travel to your location anywhere in the country. Hurry though, as I only have a limited number of shoot dates available, and only applies to those booked during this month!
Please contact me via the contact page, or by e-mail: to book


*Terms and conditions of this offer

£10 offer applies to shoot only
Shoot to take place by June 14th 2014
Offer closes Friday 9th May 2014
1.5 hour location shoot
Extra time requested at £5 per half hour
Unlimited outfit changes
Includes viewing watermarked images
Retouched and edited images available for purchase
£8.50 per image (saving £1.50 on regular price)
Student discount on images available on request/valid ID
My travel to Farnborough (in Hampshire) and Ash Vale (in Surrey) free
Other travel at £1 per mile or £25 London Non-refundable £10 and travel amount required upon booking
Hair/makeup artist available on request for extra upfront fee


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