Model of the Week – Chico Huggins

Chico Huggins

IMG_0459-web Nationality: Barbadian/British
 Country: St Vincent & The Grenadines
 Height: 5ft 11in
 Waist: 29 in
 Chest: 40 in
 Shoe: 8
 Hair: Black
 Eyes: Brown


Chico is an exceptionally talented and versatile model who has worked with photographers from all over the world. Currently he is signed to Grace Model Management in South Africa and recently spent some time out there with them. A dual national of Barbados and the UK, Chico and I started discussing the possibility of shooting while he was living in London but never settled on a theme or a shoot date. Several months later, I was out in the Caribbean, in a small cafe in St Vincent trying to get some internet and send some messages home. I checked Instagram, and one of the first posts to come up was by Chico, with a location also in St Vincent! Prior to this I was not aware that St Vincent & The Grenadines was home for Chico. I was leaving that day, but returning two weeks later, so we arranged to shoot – and who better to find a location than a local?

The country really is a beautiful one, with stunning beaches and lush green forests, and Chico really excelled with his choice of locations which included a secluded rocky beach and an old unused factory with several old abandoned vehicles outside. A good friend of Chico’s was keen to promote his fashion brand Tivoli & Fache and supplied some of the clothing for the shoot. As expected, Chico was fantastic to work with, and you can see more of our work together below, or on his agency page!

Chico’s Gallery


Model of the Week – Jude Moore

Jude Moore

JM001-web Nationality: British
 County: Essex
 Height: 5ft 11in
 Waist: 30 in
 Chest: 34 in
 Shoe: 6.5
 Hair: Brown
 Eyes: Green

Earlier in the year I did a few shoots for Vanity Hype magazine. Jude contacted me as he was interested in having some photographs done and being featured in the magazine. I contacted them right away but unfortunately my travel commitments meant the shoot didn’t happen for a while. In the meantime, Jude had the amazing opportunity of being signed with ADAM Models of New York. Jude has a great deal of personality and character and was great fun to work with, able to understand my ideas and also throw plenty of his own ideas into the mix, which led to several pages of the magazine being devoted to him.

The original plan was to get some beach and ocean scenes in Southend – unfortunately in Britain we don’t have the luxury of consistent or predictable weather which chose the very hour of the shoot to become windy, cold and wet. We quickly changed plans for an indoor shoot, and while we tried to keep close as we could to the original concept, we ended up with some creative and different shots that we never would have got if the weather had co-operated. I look forward to shooting with Jude again in the future, several of the images you can see below are among my personal favourites.


Jude’s Gallery


Model of the Week – Levi Matthews

Levi Matthews

IMG_1079-web1 Nationality: British
 County: London
 Height: 6ft 1in
 Waist: 31 in
Chest: 37 in
 Shoe: 8
 Hair: Brown
 Eyes: Blue

One of the first things I notice is when someone has great hair, and Levi definitely has that. I met him through a friend of mine that I was working with in Orlando, Florida. While I was back in the UK, Levi was doing a show with her overseas. Since graduating Masters Performing Arts College, Levi has focused on dance, working with world-renowned choreographer Paul Roberts and performing at the Brit Awards with Kanye West. He starred in Jack Garratt’s Chemical music video, and has been featured in multiple pantomimes and even the occasional flash mob.

Regent’s Park is a wonderfully versatile area, and a goal of Levi’s was to get several different looks that he can use for different kinds of castings. The late autumn colours really lent themselves to this idea and Levi had brought with quite an extensive wardrobe to play around with! Often the simplest ideas can make the best shots – particular favourites for both of us were the black and white bench shots you can see in the gallery below.

Levi’s Gallery




Model of the Week – Callum Aylott

Callum Aylott

IMG_0719-web Nationality: British
 County: Hertfordshire
 Height: 6ft
 Waist: 32 in
Chest: 38 in
 Shoe: 9
 Hair: Auburn
 Eyes: Brown


Callum is no stranger to the camera and has an extensive modelling portfolio behind him. He is also a talented performer and trained at The Urdang Academy in London. With his striking looks and versatality, Callum has already picked up a social media following, particularly via Instagram and Tumblr. He is currently represented by Grantham Hazeldine and W Athletic.


Before the shoot happened, I had been talking to him about shooting but never able to commit to a date that suited us both. On this occasion, I was shooting with Sam Reynolds for my 2015 calendar and the idea came up to shoot them both together, and also separately for the calendar. Several days before I had been introduced to a beautiful lakeside area in Surrey and noted that it would make a beautiful shoot location. Although the day was not warm, fortunately it was sunny and we were able to get a number of great shots that you can see below.

Callum’s Gallery




Model of the Week – Jack Maple

Jack Maple

IMG_0004-web Nationality: British
 County: Oxfordshire
 Height: 6ft
 Waist: 32 in
 Shoe: 10
 Hair: Brown
 Eyes: Blue

Jack is from Oxfordshire and works in London. We started talking a while ago on social media with a mutual love of theatre. While I’ve worked with many actors, dancers and performers, this was the first time shooting someone who aspires to be behind the scenes – or rather, in charge of the scenes! Jack is an intelligent and motivated individual and I have no doubt he will be extremely well-known in the theatre world in his future, having already started putting his career together working in various roles in several West End theatres.

I always enjoy a shoot that reflects the personality and passions of the model, so London’s theatreland was an obvious choice. We spent a couple of hours walking up and down some of the city’s most famous streets and included theatres such as the Garrick and Wyndhams. Check out the gallery below for more!





Jack’s Gallery





Model of the Week – Reece Kerridge

Reece Kerridge


IMG_4002-webNationality: British
County: London
Height: 5’10
Waist: 30
Chest: 35
Shoe: 9
: Brown
Eyes: Brown

I got talking to Reece a while ago through Twitter, as we share a similar love for all things musical. Reece is a musical theatre student, currently studying at Laine Theatre Arts in Epsom, Surrey. I’ve always been a fan of the old-time shows, and we decided to shoot in that style, full on shirt and tie, waistcoat, slacks and brogues. The images are quite different to my usual style, as I wanted to pay a small homage to photographs of the 1920s and 1930s. To achieve the effect I raised the exposure and contrast of the image, but then darkened the blacks in the image. I adjusted the skin tones slightly, and then added a black and white overlay of the same image. To get the black and white effect without actually being either black and white or sepia toned, I simply faded the black and white layer by about 40% to give this great old style look.

Reece has a great outgoing and fun personality, and was a lot of fun to work with. I look forward to seeing him in the West End one day!

Reece’s Gallery


Model of the Week – Mitch Wilson

Mitch Wilson


IMG_3851_webNationality: British
County: Surrey
Height: 5’11
Waist: 30
Chest: 38
Shoe: 8
: Red
Eyes: Blue

Mitch and I have been attempting to set up a shoot date for quite a while, and finally we managed to make it happen! Originally I was planning a series around Princes and Heroes but I’m particular, and funding for the exact props I wanted was pretty difficult to gather all at one time. Hopefully this series will be kick started again in the new year. Mitch is one of the “Heroes” I’ve spoken to for this series along with a few other faces. If you have, or know someone who has, that “Princely” look, please get in touch with me.

Mitch is a personal trainer from Surrey, and got into modelling after entering a fitness competition. Since the competition he has been approached by several photographers and is currently looking for the right agency to work with and advance his career as a model. He is very close to his family, and each of his tattoos symbolizes that fact. Take a look at the video below to learn more about him!

Oh, and a big happy birthday to the Model of the Week series! This week marks a year since starting this project, bringing you 53 new models, all featured on the Previous Models page.

Mitch’s Gallery




Model of the Week – Josh Betchley

Josh Betchley


IMG_2413-webNationality: British
City: London
Height: 6ft
Waist: 32in
Chest: 38in
Shoe: 9
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue/Green

Having worked his gap year as a Detainee Custody Officer, Josh is currently studying criminology at Brighton University. Alongside his studies, Josh is a keen competitive sportsman and is actively involved in several sports including football and golf. He names travelling the world as one of his goals in life, and made a great start by putting his passions together to help build a new school in Kenya. I was introduced to Josh through a previous model, Will, and was very glad of the introduction.

Surprisingly, Josh hasn’t had a great deal of modelling experience before, but was a natural in front of the camera and had a few great suggestions of his own. We ended up shooting a range of different looks over the course of about four hours and had a lot of fun with it – as you can see from the images. I’ve always wanted to put together some “Tumblr” style images, which is where the idea for the hashtag writing came from. The word choices were from Instagram’s most popular tags – a preview image has already gained a high number of views.

Having lived over in Florida for several years, I seem to have lots of American style props laying around, so we worked with the flags and cowboy hat too. To round out the shoot, we did several standard shots, both underwear and fully dressed so as to show off Josh’s natural versatility. Enjoy the Q&A video and the gallery below, and as always feel free to send a message to let me know what you thought of the collection!

 Josh’s Gallery


Model of the Week – Justin Thomas

Justin Thomas


IMG_7251-webNationality: British
Area: Surrey
Height: 5’11
Waist: 31in
Chest: 42in
Shoe: 8
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green

Justin is an actor, singer and dancer from Surrey. He trained at the D&B School of Performing Arts in Kent and has since had a wide variety of credits to his name. Currently Justin is part of the London cast of Wicked, understudying the lead role of Fiyero and covering a variety of other roles. Prior to Wicked, Justin has appeared in musicals such as Evita, Peter Pan and Dirty Dancing, and has also done voice over work for the final three Harry Potter movies.

I met up with Justin near the Apollo Victoria Theatre about three hours prior to the matinee performance, where a group of young fans were already eagerly awaiting the cast’s arrival. We headed over to a covered mall close to Victoria station that has an outdoor upstairs level and got a variety of shots. Adding to his talents, Justin told me he is also a keen gymnast/tumbler, so we decided to get a few airborne shots at the same time. This was very well received by several tourists who stopped briefly to watch.

Whenever I shoot on location, I like to explore the area a little bit, and the real find of the day was a small side street with terraced housing. Because it looked so different from the rest of the area, it almost had a film studio-like feel to it. When editing, I took the different scenes into account, and these ones are a little more vibrant in tone. Enjoy the images and Q&A below!


10 Questions with Justin…

Life in Living Color: If you could relive one time in your life, what would it be and why?IMG_7163-web
Justin Thomas: Either my family holidays skiing or to Barbados, or my recent holiday with my girlfriend, Lauren.

LiLC: What got you interested in performing?
JT: My sister was auditioning for a local production of Oliver! and didn’t want to go alone. I went with her and got the part of Oliver, and now I’ve been performing ever since.

LiLC: What got you interested in modelling?
JT: I enjoy taking care of my body and appearance so it’s something that comes relatively easy to me. Also the money isn’t bad either!

LiLC: What’s the last movie you saw that really made you think?
JT: I watched the Purge 2, and it’s scary to think that the laws in the movie could one day be enforced. Hopefully not though.

LiLC: Tell us something most people don’t know about you.
JT: I’m half Dutch.

LiLC: What’s your first thought when you wake up?
JT: Either Lauren… soppy I know… or FOOD!!

LiLC: If you could spend a day with anyone in the world, who would it be, where would you go and what would you do?
JT: Lauren, my girlfriend. We would go on the most amazing luxury holiday somewhere hot. Or Bruno Mars, and just spend the day with him jamming and playing on a rooftop terrace in LA. Or… Arnold Schwarzenegger and go to the gym.

LiLC: What was your most embarrassing moment?
JT: I don’t know… there’s been way too many!

LiLC: What tattoos do you have or would like to get?
JT: I don’t have any. I would like to get one at some point but I don’t know what I want and I’d have to be 100% sure.

LiLC: If time froze for everyone except you for one hour, what would you do?
JT: I’d either go to all my favourite shops and get some nice clothes, or rob a bank!

Justin’s Gallery


Model of the Week – Jordan Isaac

Jordan Isaac

: British
City: London
Height: 6’0
Waist: 28
Shoe: 9
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown

Jordan is a musical theatre student and model from London. He started modelling recently and we got talking after he showed me some great photographs he shot with Camden Image. He’s currently going into the third and final year at The Urdang Academy, a well-known and respected performing arts school in Islington. I was surprised to learn that Jordan has only had a couple of previous shoots, as he was easy and natural with the camera and arrived extremely well-prepared for the shoot. As a creative person, I enjoy collaboration and incorporating ideas, and Jordan had brought along a few extra items with him. The blue jacket is an item that he surprised me with, and it looks great in the images. In fact, his preparedness prompted yesterday’s Top Ten Tips.

I had been researching London, and heard about a “secret” garden nearby Tower Bridge, one of London’s busiest tourist attractions. It took us a while to find it – thank you Google maps! – and I was unsure if it was an open venue or not, as there wasn’t much information. It was a challenge to find, and we came across it eventually almost by accident. The gardens were fairly large, but hidden from view by high stone walls, but once inside it was a beautiful mix of stone arches and greenery. It really wouldn’t have gone amiss in a live action Jungle Book movie, as the vines and shrubs were allowed to grow freely around the arches. We only saw a few people during this part of the shoot, and I hope it’s one of those places that stays a secret!

The second part of the shoot was done in a quiet street opposite an interesting little cafe just a couple of blocks over. Again, within spitting distance of thousands of people, but wonderfully quiet and peaceful – that is until just after 5pm, when the street got fairly busy with people heading home from work! Jordan threw himself into every aspect of the shoot, and as a result I now have some of my favourite images to date. Have a look at the photographs at the bottom of the page, and let me know what you think!

Jordan’s Gallery


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